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Konstantin Werner

Konstantin Werner
Frontend Engineer

  • Dresden, Germany
  • Diplom-Informatiker (FH)
  • German, English

With 9+ years of experience in building frontend applications with React and TypeScript, I enjoy working with innovative tools like Tailwind, Gatsby, Directus and headless backend architectures.

As a developer I aim for clean, robust and reusable code to ultimately deliver great user experiences – within a team or independently. I believe that open-mindedness, collaboration and true agility are crucial in an everychanging digital industry.

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Team work is key. I think that best results can be achieved by exchanging knowledge and ideas. I am happy to be part of a strong network of independent designers, developers and consultants.

    Christian Rüdiger
    Hans Ritschl
    Kristin Ottlinger
    Lisa Weidner
    Martin Fink
    Michael Schade
    Sara Reuter
    Sarah Zinn
    Theresa Zander

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